Getting Started

1 NFT = 1000 Fractional tokens ($OVOL, $CLAY, $MADx, etc)

Your NFT can be converted into fractional tokens and swapped back to the full NFT whenever you want.

1. Fractionalize your NFTs

Head over to the Fractionalize section and select a collection you would like to fractionalize.

Simply select the NFT(s) that you would like to convert into fractional SPL tokens and select convert.

If you would like to swap those fractional SPL tokens back, simply select the tab to convert $OVOL to NFTs.

2. DCA in/out of a collection.

Head over to the Trade section and select a collection you would like to DCA into.

You have the ability to sell percentages of an NFT (i.e you would like to sell off 30% of your Claynosaur when they are pumping.) Simply fractionalize the Clayno as stated above, and select how many tokens you would like to DCA out of in the Trade page.

You can also do a normal Swap or Limit order.

All of these trades are powered through Jupiter allowing for a safe, efficient, and powerful trading experience.

3. Provide Liquidity

Reference the Liquidity Provision page to begin LPing.

4. Grab an Ovol

The best way to get exposure to the Ovols ecosystem is through our Evolved Ovols.

This is a brief overview to get you started on the basics for the Ovols ecosystem.

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