Liquidity Provision

There are 3 different methods for providing liquidity with Ovols.

Providing liquidity through Ovols is one of the best ways to contribute towards the Ovols ecosystem. Shortly we will have a refreshed seamless integration for both Meteora & Orca in the Ovols App.

We are taking note on who is providing liquidity towards all collections on the Ovols app.

How to provide liquidity on Ovols?

Step 1 - Head to the market-making section on and select "Provide Liquidity"

Step 2 - Choose your collection to LP and set your parameters.

  1. Select your collection to LP

  2. Choose amount of fractional token ($OVOL, $CLAY, $MADx, etc) to deposit.

  3. Choose amount of SOL to deposit

  4. Set parameters for the min/max price for liquidations.

  5. Hit confirm and you are LPing!

If you have any questions while we are refreshing our LPing, please open a ticket in our Discord!

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